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Being made redundant can be one of lifes most surprising and stressful experiences for an individual. Our goal is make the transition as smooth as possible. This benefits both the person affected as well as the company by helping to maintain their employer of choice status and positive reputation in the market.

We provide support in the form of mentoring and coaching individuals to find a new suitable role within the shortest time frame. In addition to our personal professional review, we can incorporate individualized career and personality assessments to assist individuals with their decisions on where to go from here. We also provide short term administrative help and office resources.


There are two primary phases to our  Market Pathways 15 Point Program:

  1. A career review, evaluation and resume assistance phase, and
  2. A period of ongoing personal mentoring and support (management).

However, we are flexible in our programmed approach as studies and surveys of outplaced individuals have concluded people need a customized service to meet their individual situations. Right from the start we become an ally which continues throughout their job search as we guide clients to maintain a forward moving positive direction. Key to the proces is:

  • People are plugged-in immediately to their next step.
  • We give them a place to go the next day which is an organized business environment.
  • We offer plenty of "face to face" meetings with consultants for continued support.
  • We are available as a sounding board to keep moving forward and positive.

In the first phase we help the individual regroup, give them a relevant market overview, and feedback based on our perspective and evaluation of their marketable skills and personality. This involves face-to-face briefings with our consultants.  We set them up to begin an effective job search by advising on how to approach the market utilizing today's internet tools as well as understand the job market environment best suited for them as individuals. 

The second phase of management offers advice to guide the individual while they conduct their campaign. This includes helping them identify new job targets and being focused and consistent in their efforts.  Once the individual is up and running, we will continue to review their approach and regroup with them to refine their efforts.
Contact us for a more detailed discussion of the Market Pathways 15 Point Program.
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