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Psychometric Tests and Individual Assessments

Market Pathways is allied with industry leading talent management (organisational) psychologists and can offer the range of psychometric and career assessments most relevant to the 21st century business environment and organisations.  We are able to assist in choice and application. 

We also can offer the range of DiSC Profiling through our Consulting Partner's accreditation.

Here are areas they may be applied:

  • Recruitment Assessment Tool-  They are utilised by some clients in the recruitment and selection process when more information is required or in the case of a very sensitive role. 
  • Internal Job Changes-  They are a useful tool for all parties concerned (employee and and management) when evaluating the internal transfers or promotion. 
  • Performance Reviews and Appraisals- They can be utilised in this process as a Career Development tool. 
  • Executive Mentoring of executives is another application for appropriate assessments.

If you are at this page to complete an On-Line Assessment, click the menu item on the left (On-Line Assessment) to go to the link.

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