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Executive Search and Selection

"We combine 21rst century tools with 'old school' style and finesse to match candidates' passion with corporate objectives..."


Multitude of Contacts 

Our competency lies in our contacts and industry experience combined with our creative, and targeted approach to assignments.  A key focus for us over the last 18 years has been serving  clients typically offering leading edge or technically sophisticated products and services in the Asia Pacific region.  We recruit proven high calibre talent at the executive level across all functional areas. This includes: senior managers, engineers and scientists, operations and logistics, finance and accounting, human resources, sales and marketing as well as independent representation.  Our principal first began recruiting in the USA market in 1980s. 

Global Reach

The 21st century technical "talent pool" crosses international boundaries due to globalisation and technical skills shortages.  This has lead to contacts and reach not only in Australia, but in major overseas markets.  For example, a recent assignment with a long standing client in the power industry found us sourcing qualified people out of Europe.  Another from South Africa.  

We have also filled positions in North America (USA) for Australian clients.

Business Credibility

With the perspective of 25 years of personal business experience culminating in general management and senior marketing & sales roles combined with our technical qualifications, we can fully understand  and effectively communicate the opportunity with credibility.

People Sense + Understanding

A key differentiator offered by Market Pathways stems from our intuitive feel for talent that will work well within your organisation. We can identify the basic perception, communication and personality types needed.  We can see who would fit the best.  Our skill with people is demonstrated by our uniquely professional manner, tact, courtesy, follow-up and

consistent communication and re-checks with respect to all parties. 


In addition to offering your company confidentiality when

sourcing the market, we engender mutual trust and respect for all parties. 


Industry Insight


In addition, we can intelligently offer a "big picture" market perspective and insight gained from day to day detached involvement in the executive recruitment space in your industry.


Highest Calibre Service 


We offer a first class introduction to your company whilst providing a buffer for your organisation so your staff can focus on generating business.  We have prestigious offices and responsive professional staff which give candidates a great first impression of your company.  As a boutique consultancy, our livelihood ulitmately depends on our outstanding quality of service and professionalism. 


Being solution oriented, we focus timely and unwavering personal attention to the project or task at hand. We keep all parties well informed throughout, on completion, and after the assignment is over and the role filled.  This makes for lasting results. 


Proven Track Record


We don't take short cuts.  This leads to long lasting business relationships and contacts.  For example, we have Fortune 500 clients, as well as talented candidates who have risen within their organisations, that have been with us for 18 years.


Click on the Value Added Processs link to the left review our operating approach to assignments.


See the Current and Recent Assignments links at left for our current and past track record of success.







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