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Our Value Added Process

"A complete process personally led by an experienced senior manager..."

We have a customised and thorough process and take a value added approach to the assignment.  We combine structure along with flair and flexibility for a timely result.  We apply 21rst century internet, database and communication tools and promotional technology in our search efforts. 


As proven high calibre individuals with professional technical skill sets are highly sought after in the current market, it requires a commitment by your company and ours to our mutual success. 


Giving our personal attention to the project, we go where the assignment takes us and operate out of offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth as well as overseas.  Our personal face-to-face meetings with clients and interviews with candidates (prior to shortlisting) ensures your company is professionally represented.  The candidates are well vetted through behavioural interviews and always by thorough reference, and occasionally background checks when required.


Highlights of our approach are:

  • We aim to "strike a chord" with a talented individual who will be successful in your company's environment and unique culture.
  • We maintain and exhibit the highest level of professionalism, confidentiality, and tact when contacting candidates for your role.
  • We will continually work and source the market place for potential candidates until the assignment is completed to your satisfaction.

Our full service process includes developing in depth position specifications (briefs) assistance with internal job descriptions, and behavioural interview guides.  When requested we can arrange psychometric assessments and create performance review guides as additional management support tools. 


Highlights of our process are:

  • We begin with interviewing the relevant managers and the prepare our in depth Position Specification (brief) to accurately capture and promote the opportunity with technical clarity and enthusiasm.
  • As part of the candidate evaluation process, we incorporate best practice interviewing techniques utilizing a behavioural interviewing methodology. 
  • Thorough reference checks are conducted to verify the examples in the interviews and clarify any questions we may have as a result of the interviews.
  • Additional background checks are optional and available for sensitive roles.
 A link to a full view Process Flowchart is provided on the left menu.
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